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"A Glass of Shampaigne" Rumyanka Bozhkova Drawing Engraving on Multilayer Cardboard

Welcome to On-line Art Gallery with Bulgarian paintings on our website.We are ready to paint it for you in oil on canvas what you do like. Or you can pick one of the hand-painted pictures from stock.

Here at On-line Art Gallery we never limit ourselves to just the paintings that are in stock. So no matter what is your idea , you can be sure our talented artists can paint it for you.

“Received the paintings yesterday. Just fabulous! Thank you, off to the framers today. An early Christmas present for myself.” – Marry Lagos

We already have a large range of Paintings on our website. Ranging from abstract paintings to realism: as our artists still developing and experimenting with technique and growing his expansive outlook of the world. They brings together  love and admiration ,breathes a new energy to the world .

Proudly based in Sofia, with many of the original works on display at the Art Gallery Online we are able to offer you great bulgarian paintings

Our mission is to continue to share Bulgarian paintings and art with the world.