Seascape Paintings with Boats by Angelina Nedin

Angelina Nedin is Bulgarian Artist that mainly work in the seascape paintings and realistic paintings with boats.Boats on the Coast,boats on the beach,marine ,she is obsessed to paint boats and love them as much as she love the sea .    

Contemporary Naked Body Paintings

"Sleeping Woman " Nude Painting Rumyanka Bozhkova

Тhe naked female body is painted by many artists, but the works of Rumyanka Bozhkova are quite different.It combines the academic drawing of female anatomy with innovative techniques. Unique visions of female forms are suitable for connoisseurs of contemporary modern art. Beautiful

The Naked Female Body In The Paintings Of Rumyanka Bozhkova

The naked body is a source of eternal inspiration for all the well-known artists from antiquity to the present day. Over the centuries artists have turned to the female body and its forms with reverence and it has undergone many transformations of

Seascapes Paintings Marine Landscapes Artworks

Angelina Nedin Seascape Painting

Marine landscapes /seascapes/are one of the styles in painting that always attract customers. The oil paintings with the realistic marine scenery are called marinism. The Dutch masters are the first mariners to start painting ships in the stormy sea. Their works with marine

Paintings for Gift

If you are wondering what gift to choose for your friends or relatives, do not miss to buy picturesque paintings by prominent Bulgarian artists. The painting of oil paints has always been respected by the aristocratic circles in Europe, who become art-lovers