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"Summer Day" Painting Seascape Angelina Nedin 2021

Marine landscapes /seascapes/are one of the styles in painting that always attract customers.
The oil paintings with the realistic marine scenery are called marinism. The Dutch masters are the first mariners to start painting ships in the stormy sea. Their works with marine scenery remain unsurpassed by their realism and perfect painting technique.
Representatives of Marinism in Bulgaria are Boris Stefchev, Alexander Mutafov, Violeta Maslarova, Georgi Baev, Nenko Tokmachiev, Yani Chrisompoulos. Our online gallery is pleased to present one of the youngest contemporary Bulgarian mariners Angelina Nedin. She was born in Sozopol, the sea always attracts her as an object for creative ideas. For many years she has been drawing seascapes and building the successes with new technical skills .

Angelina Nedin Seascape Painting
Angelina Nedin Seascape Painting

The canvas turns into a true illusion. It draws skilfully as realistic seascapes, so it allows to experiment with abstract sea paintings. The technique is at a very high level, it is happy to work in other styles, also draws other landscapes, portraits, color pictures the soft sand and the violent waves of the Sozopol are sealed forever in many of her oil paintings with sea scenery.
Without being superfluous, not too rough, her paintings of sea and seascape always attract customers who want to own them. Angelina Nedin’s style is distinguished by high professionalism on a world level in this genre. The contemplation of her works is a true magic formula that unlocks romance in the hectic, modern, soulless world.

If you want to own a piece of beach or sea depths, if you want your home always to have a romantic corner in which your mind can take you to another distant parallel world, order a seascape by Angelina Nedin! A great investment that will also make your children and grandchildren happy.

The seascape in your home will guide you through thoughtful journeys to magical treasures and other countries, to fantastic worlds with beautiful mermaids and strange non-earthly creatures. If you experience sadness, a marine oil painting will bring back your desire for life and journeys.You will remind you, that life despite the unpleasant moments is full of beauty that we should not miss out of sight but enjoy any beautiful sunset or colorful cloud over the sea.

There will be no reason to complain that you miss gift ideas because the sea scenery is a wonderful universal gift that can be found in any cozy home.

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