“Ecstasy” Rumyanka Bozhkova Painting

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Rumyanka Bozhkova

Painting / Embossed Flatness /Engraving on Multilayer cardboard with additional decoration –


Mixed Technique – Oil, Acrylic, Tempera Paint

size 70/100cm

Without frame!

This artwork is a beautiful abstract painting.

Effective scenic composition with mixed technique, perfect professional performance for connoisseurs and collectors.

Stylish and refined addition to the interior of your home. Photos with furniture show how the artwork would look in a different interior space. Great investment .

With a suitable frame chosen according to your interior, the painting will be even more impressive.


patent for Rumyana Bozhkova special painting technique
Patent for Rumyanкa Bozhkova invention “Embossed Flatness”

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"Ecstasy" Rumyanka Bozhkova Painting
“Ecstasy” Rumyanka Bozhkova Painting

11 reviews for “Ecstasy” Rumyanka Bozhkova Painting

  1. Aradhana Brahmakshatriya

    Wow superb

  2. Olga FitzGerald


  3. Talat Muhammad

    Monster painting work. Mixed media on board. Multi colour. Not so bright or so dim. Light has enough room to play one place to another. If the author was an Asian in place of European, I could describe the event going on or the young girl, the work doing with. Truly, speaking : the girl is washing long clothes, by rising her both hands ups and down to hit the soaped linen on a 45 degree angle wood or concrete slab. The labour the author spent has made an identical match with the burden took up the female object, as shown in this rare painting.

  4. Deepa Sahoo

    Beautiful work !

  5. Allen Beatty

    Fabulous abstract !

  6. John Becor

    Rumyanka, Great colorful painting with a beautiful design!

  7. Mary Pille

    Beautiful abstract

  8. Heather

    Extraordinary work ♥

  9. Ali Baucom

    Love the colors.

  10. Evgenii Doruda

    Nicely done!

  11. Dee Winslow

    This is gorgeous… it looks like an angel! Beautiful!

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