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  • "Landscape" Painting by Angelina Nedin 2021

    “Landscape” Painting by Angelina Nedin 2021




    oil paints / canvas

    30/40 cm

    Without Frame

    Author: Angelina Nedin

    This painting depicts a realistic Bulgarian landscape. Beautiful soothing pastel shades, suitable for lovers of nature.

    Suitable for decorating your home, office, bar, restaurant.

    With a frame chosen according to your interior, the picture will be even more spectacular

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  • "The Ginseng Root" Painting Rumyanka Bozhkova

    “The Ginseng Root” Painting Rumyanka Bozhkova


    “The Ginseng Root”

    Rumyanka Bozhkova

    Painting / Embossed Flatness /Engraving on Multilayer cardboard with additional decoration –


    Mixed Technique – Oil, Acrylic, Tempera Paint

    size 35/50cm

    Without frame!The picture is oval in shape. You can put a passepartout, and be in a rectangular shape, and you can also put an oval frame!

    This artwork is a beautiful abstract composition.This painting is a beautiful abstraction of the magic ginseng root that brings eternal youth and health! In your home, this work will harmonize the energies of space and affect your inner information structure through the image of this magical root.Your biological resonance will be connected to the quantum level with the concept of longevity and eternal youth through the symbol sealed in the picture! This spiritual development information will be shown daily in your life through the subtle wave structures The intrinsic essence of information, the whole architection of the universe is not only recorded in this spiritual part of which we draw it in a matrix form but also has an invisible effect on our bodies as energy entities. Especially strengthened are those relationships in the people who possess higher spiritual rank.

    Effective scenic composition with mixed technique, perfect professional performance for connoisseurs and collectors.

    Stylish and refined addition to the interior of your home. Photos with furniture show how the artwork would look in a different interior space. Great investment .

    With a suitable frame chosen according to your interior, the painting will be even more impressive.


    patent for Rumyana Bozhkova special painting technique
    Patent for Rumyanкa Bozhkova invention “Embossed Flatness”
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